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Relic Ready and Willing to Help Out With Dark Millennium Online

With a bevy of Warhammer 40,000 games currently in development, it may come as no surprise that the teams behind them occasionally get together to help each other out - and that's exactly what Relic and Vigil have been doing when it comes to Dark Millennium Online, according to Relic's Marketing Manager James McDermott. "They (Vigil) are definitely interacting with us a lot," he says, "because we have a pedigree and an understanding of the IP, which they’re trying to develop."

It seems like the two studios are, in fact, quite chummy. "In terms of some of the core mechanics, they were looking at our combat system quite carefully at one point to see if they could try and make it – not the same – but just have some level of consistency. That’s definitely been a consideration."

“We just, on the whole, try to work as collaboratively as possible, and with Space Marine wrapping up, we may become more involved in just helping them on a day to day basis with some things as we move forward. We kind of do that on all of the products." Relic's stewardship of the 40K franchise has been generally well-accepted by fans of the tabletop game, so this may come as good news to many currently wary of the a 40K MMO - myself included.

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