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Game of Thrones Season 2 Cast Grows by a Pair

July 19, 2011
Two major roles for Games of Thrones season 2 have been filled just ahead of when the new episodes are scheduled to begin production across the pond. Per Entertainment Weekly, British actor Stephen Dillane is on board to portray Stannis Baratheon, the eldest younger brother of the late King Robert who has his sights set on the Iron Throne. Dillane appeared in HBO's John Adams miniseries as Thomas Jefferson and also had a bit role in Tony Scott's Spy Game.
The other role cast is for the character of Melisandre, a seductive sorceress who serves as a counsel for Stannis. She will be played by Carice van Houten who you may recognize from Repo Men and Valkyrie with Tom Cruise.
Melisandre is the role Eva Green probably wish she had a shot at instead of playing a similar character on Starz' ill-fated Camelot.

Unfortunately season 2 of Games of Thrones is not due to hit the small screen until spring, 2012. It seems so far away.

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