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Commonwealth Games 2014 gratuities published online

Following chief executive John Scott having to resign from the organising committee for the 2014 Commonwealth Games for accepting ‘a gift’ from a potential supplier, a register of gratuities offered to the organisers has been published online.
The list shows all declared gifts offered to the organising committee for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games – although the gift that Scott took is not listed, because it was not declared.  Event organisers say the principle of having the register would be undermined if the offer was included retrospectively.
Details of 73 approaches made since 2009 by newspapers, hotel chains, professional services firms, sports bodies, IT companies, banks and charities are listed in the register. Most of the offers were for hospitality such as invitations to dinner, events or sports matches, and about half of the offers were accepted.
The Glasgow 2014 gifts and gratuities policy says an offer must be declined if it is inappropriately lavish or disproportionate, or intended to influence procurement or sponsorship decisions.
According to the Press Association, the Scottish Rugby Union treated Glasgow 2014 executives and guests to hospitality at four rugby matches, three of which were attended by Mr Scott.  Three approaches by News International Newspapers to a spa day at Stobo Castle and, via The Scottish Sun newspaper, to attend a Miss Scotland tiara ball and a "saints and sinners" evening at Ayr Racecourse were all declined.
Multiple offers were also made by IT firms Atos Origin and Dog Digital, Event Scotland, Sports Marketing and Management, Hilton Hotels, Glasgow Life, the Daily Record newspaper and G4S Security, according to the register.

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