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ALT1 Games USA Starting Troy Online Closed Beta

ALT1 Games USA is starting the closed beta test of Troy Online, a free massive multiplayer online roleplaying game(MMORPG) based heavily on the Trojan War mythos. In Troy Online, players pick one of three classes depending on their desired play style and use their character to defeat monsters. As each character grows, he or she will learn the reasons and mysteries surrounding their affiliation (Greece or Troy) and the greater reasons for their existence. As the player gains power, they will learn there is far more to the continent of Autis than what originally meets the eye. The closed beta test will be running from July 15th, 10am PDT to July 19th, 12 AM PT.
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    Troy Online
    Troy Online currently supports three classes: the melee damage-doing and meat shield warriors, the long distance hunters, and the glass cannon mages. Players must learn to work together and figure out the strengths and weakness of their class to be successful. Along the way, players will be able to take advantage of features that are still in development. Some additional features include the cash shop where players can purchase additional equipment and abilities for their characters with real money and a socket system for items to improve their weapons. Troy Online is also adding in additional content including three new dungeons for players team up and conquer and five new battlefields for players to battle against one another. The balance of the three classes has also been worked on, as well as more informative and intuitive notifications.
    Troy Online
    ALT1 Games USA is calling all players to sign up for free at their website and download the Troy Online game.  The test will feature game masters keeping a close eye both inside the game, on the game’s official forums, and on social media services.  For a limited time, ALT1 Games will be giving out free currency (2500 ALT1 Coins) to test the technical back-end of the cash shop to two parties: players who registered accounts during the first closed beta or in between the first and second closed beta tests until July 8th 2011, and users who acquire beta keys from a number of websites including MMOsite, MMORPG, and MMOReviews. These two offers cannot be combined. ALT1 Games USA is looking to refine their game balance, latency, and item issues in this test.  For more information, visit the official Troy Online website. 
    Troy Online

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